Susanna Freymark


Losing February


Losing February describes what happens when a woman in her early 40s loves and loses the same man. Twice.

Based on true events, this story is about finding a soulmate, at the wrong time, and how the resulting spiral of self hate led to cruel sexual misadventures.

Some readers have found it too graphic, too painful, while others have read the book in a day and said, ‘This could be me.’

It is a raw story, written from the heart yet with the brutality that comes from mistaking grief for punishment.

With writing so taut it is almost painful to read, this book is desperate and intimate to the point of voyeurism. Claustrophobic but un-put-downable.

Meredith Jaffe, Hoopla Literary Editor.

Read the full Hoopla review here.

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